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Systems from the brewing, beverage and food industry

A huge range of technical equipment for improving the performance or adjusting the capacity of your industrial processes.

Technical systems

Find the right process technology or technical equipment for your manufacturing or filling process.

You will find individual examples below, the large selection can be found here.

Drum separator
Drum separator

Manufacturer: Flottweg

Year of construction: 2018

Capacity: up to 70 hl/h

Art. no. 205876FO

Cylindroconical fermentation and storage tank (CCT, 6 tanks) outdoor tank
Cylindroconical fermentation and storage tank (CCT, 6 tanks) outdoor tank

Manufacturer: GROSS Behälterbau

Year of construction: 1992

Capacity: 622.5 hl

Art. no. 208054QK

Beer membrane filtration (BMF)
Beer membrane filtration (BMF)

Manufacturer: Pentair Südmo

Year of construction: 2015

Capacity: 350 hl/h filtrate

Art. no. 208225QK

Kieselguhr and sterilization filter / combination filter
Kieselguhr and sterilization filter / combination filter

Manufacturer: Schenk Filterbau

Capacity: 120 hl/h

Filter plates 100 cm edge length

Art. no. 209465AH

KEG plant 
Keg cleaning, filling, palletizing, transport
KEG plant
Keg cleaning, filling, palletizing, transport

Manufacturer: m+f KEG-Technik

Year of construction: 2007

Filling capacity

Art. no. 209306HN

Microbrewery with grist mill, brewhouse, vats, storage tanks
Microbrewery with grist mill, brewhouse, vats, storage tanks

Manufacturer: Easybräu-Velo | TMCI Padovan

Year of construction: 2019

Cast out wort: 5 hl

Art. no. 209398HG

Pub brewery 
Complete brewery
Pub brewery
Complete brewery

Manufacturer: KASPAR SCHULZ

Year of construction: 2000

Output quantity: 10 hl at 12°Plato

Art. no. 208910HN

Blending & carbonisation plant
Blending & carbonisation plant

Manufacturer: Corosys

Year of construction: 2006

Blended beer output: up to 300 hl/h

Art. no. 209303HN

Beer filtration 
Separator, combinated kieselguhr- and sheetfilter, kieselguhr dosing vessel
Beer filtration
Separator, combinated kieselguhr- and sheetfilter, kieselguhr dosing vessel

Manufacturer: GEA Westfalia

Year of construction: 1990

Capacity: up to 135 hl/h

Art. no. 209440MW

Brokering of complete
industrial enterprises
in the brewing, beverage
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Benefit from our experience when it comes to finding strategic investment solutions, selling your business or if you are interested in an acquisition. We act efficiently and confidentially. You can find examples here.


Evaluation and improvement of your profitability, monetary valuation reports.

Succession planning

Succession planning based on solid concepts and the with the right partner.

Corporate transaction

Conveying of investment solutions or change planning for your portfolio.


Our services

Valuation and consulting:

Valuation is a core area of corporate management and the task of every entrepreneur or managing director. Value creation and increased profitability only work if they can be measured by a sound valuation. We support you in this!

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Planning is the cornerstone for the development of your company in a dynamic market environment. It is important to recognize trends at an early stage and to exploit market tendencies profitably as early as possible. Corporate planning, basic and detailed engineering, investment management, etc. We can help you!

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The economical procurement of valuable equipment is a constant concern for every company. We have made it our mission to support you in the procurement of capital goods for your technical equipment fleet or even for entire companies. We act as an intermediary, a service provider so to speak, to help you find solutions as simply and efficiently as possible.

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You can hardly influence the market, but you can influence your structures. But beware, adaptation in manufacturing companies is sometimes slow or sluggish. Nevertheless, you must constantly adapt, recognize trends, define priorities, set priorities and act efficiently! Let us help you with this.

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Information and knowledge transfer is our agenda!

We know how important it is to stay up to date in brewing, beverage and food production. That's why we offer a range of seminars and events to keep you up to date.


Gain valuable knowledge from industry experts at our seminars and events.


"Meet and greet“ at our events. Make new contacts and learn from the solutions of others.


Cluster for research and development, training center for young students, analysis of quality and development of technologies.

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Our services work best when bundled together. This results in a holistic approach that helps you solve your problems efficiently. Get in touch with us!

Investment management and creating value

The quality and efficiency of your business equipment is a decisive factor in your competitiveness. We can help you so that you can help yourself.


The dynamic adaptability to react to market conditions, new trends and challenges - we are happy to support you!


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