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Benefit from our services, which are briefly explained below. Used individually, they provide valuable information that helps you better manage your business. In combination, they result in a holistic consulting approach.


Assessment and consulting

Professional advice


Planning and engineering

Get more out of your equipment


Brokerage and procurement

Everything is where it should be.

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Restructuring and turnaround

A new life for existing companies

Unterzeichnen eines Vertrages

Assessment and consulting

What is the value of your company or parts of your company?

What is the value of your assets, both tangible and intangible? And what is the value of your company? The valuation of an asset, whether material, intangible, in parts or in a bundle, is one of the main disciplines of business management. First, all relevant information about the system to be evaluated is collected, such as age, basic technical data, condition and economic useful life. A valuation method is then selected that best suits the type of investment and the purpose of the valuation. The assessment takes into account current market trends, economic conditions, legal regulations, location, supply and demand situation, system-specific cost and revenue generation as well as company and market-specific risk factors. Various valuation methods are usually used to achieve the most accurate result possible.
Once the assessment has been completed, a report is created, usually called an expert opinion. The results and underlying assumptions should be presented transparently. The results serve as a basis for decisions related to the asset, for example when selling, for insurance or accounting purposes. Valuing companies or assets is an important process for stakeholders and shareholders to know the value of their assets and make informed decisions. An objective and comprehensible assessment is of great importance in order to ensure trust in the results.

Planning and engineering

Suitable concepts from professionals

The dynamic market environment provides the impetus for corporate planning. The faster and more efficiently your company reacts, the better your results will be. However, it is all the more important to identify market trends at an early stage, define a project goal including milestones and adapt the planning on a revolving dynamic basis.

Technical planning consists of basic and detail engineering. In industrial companies, it begins with defining the requirements and objectives of the project, often in close coordination with customer and market requirements. This is followed by concept development, in which various solutions and technologies are evaluated in order to find the optimum design. Once the concept has been selected, a detailed plan is drawn up covering all technical aspects of the project. This includes, for example, material selection, process sequences and cost calculations. Implementation is carried out by a team of engineers, technicians and specialists who work closely together to complete the project on time and within budget. Regular checks and tests are carried out during implementation to ensure that all technical requirements are met. Any problems or changes during the course of the project are identified and adjusted accordingly. Once implementation is complete, a final evaluation is carried out to ensure that all objectives have been achieved and the project meets the requirements. Complete documentation of the process is important for future reference and possible improvements. Continuous optimization of technical planning and engineering is critical to the success of industrial operations in an ever-changing market environment.

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Brokerage and procurement

Do you want to buy or sell?

As an organization, we support you and act as an intermediary between two parties to facilitate the exchange of equipment, individual technical machines, other goods or entire companies and the associated information. Depending on the agreement, we take on various tasks such as sales, marketing, assembly plant services, warehousing, transportation or payment processing for equipment transactions. In this way, we facilitate your market access and the reach of products or services. We have specialized knowledge and resources to meet the needs of our customers. We act as advisors and support our clients in making strategic decisions. This reduces transaction costs and minimizes risks. Our role as an intermediary can vary depending on the task and market environment. We create added value for both sides of the transaction and thus build long-term relationships. Overall, we help to make trading more efficient and smoother.

Restructuring and turnaround

Use your full potential

A restructuring consultation begins with an analysis of the company's financial situation and business processes in order to identify weaknesses and potential for improvement. Measures are then developed to improve the company's financial stability and competitiveness. This can include adapting technical processes, optimizing cost structures or realigning the business model.
We are also happy to help with the assessment and communication with potential investors and other stakeholders in order to create trust and gain support for the planned measures.
This is followed by the implementation of the restructuring measures, with regular monitoring and adjustments to ensure that the objectives are achieved. Close cooperation between the consultant team and the company's management is crucial to the success of the restructuring measures. Once the restructuring is complete, an evaluation of the results is carried out to assess progress and plan possible next steps. A successful restructuring consultation can help put the company back on track and ensure long-term success. Overall, restructuring advice aims to make the company more resilient to economic challenges and strengthen its future viability.


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